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When every penny counts dollar for dollar there is not a better option than Dr. Pnini. I only regret I did not do it sooner.

Dr. Pnini and his staff are among the greatest people I have met. From the moment I walked into the office they made me feel at home and they took the time to explain everything in easy to understand terms.

My experience was first-class from start to finish. I am extremely grateful to both Dr. Pnini and his staff for the way they handled my surgery and post-op follow-up. If you want a doctor who truly cares, look no further!

The surgery was painless and went like clockwork. You are not a patient; you truly become part of the Pnini family.

Dr. Alon Pnini and his staff are a blessing from Heaven above. They not only provided me with a wealth of information, but literally became the foundation to a life of well-being and happiness.

The scar revision Dr. Pnini did after a trauma doctor stitched me up was profound. He did such great work that now I hardly notice the scar! And his staff is fabulous! I am so grateful - THANK YOU!

My life is so much happier now that I don’t think about sweating all day. Thank you so much for making me comfortable and for doing such a great job!

Since my surgery I have had absolutely no underarm perspiration. I could not be more than satisfied with the results or the way I was treated by Dr. Pnini and his staff. My only regret is not having the procedure done many years earlier.

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