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Ear Pinning - Otoplasty

Having your large or protruding ears pinned back may seem like a small change, but it can truly change your appearance to one that will suit you much better when you look in the mirror. Ear pinning can be performed on a child as young as 5, and since there is no age limit on ear growth, the surgery can also be done on adults if you want to permanently alter the angle of your ears.


If you've ever been subject to the pain of harsh teasing, you know that having ears that stick out can be a terrible burden during childhood and onward. Otoplasty will reshape, or "pin" your ears so that they align more closely with your head, by inserting permanent structures into the ears and reshaping the cartilage around them. Though minor swelling may occur, this is an easy surgery which can offer an effective, permanent solution. Otoplasty can be performed on a child as young as 5, or on an adult who never had the chance to haveOtoplasty but still desires it.

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