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Facial Rejuvenation

We break down our facial improvements and rejuvenation into two categories: Facial Rejuvenation and Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation. In the former area, Dr. Pnini has extensive experience performing such surgeries as Eyelifts and Eyelid Surgery, facelifts, brow or forehead lifts, cheek or chin implants, and upper lip reductions. As your face ages, there is no question that your skin is less resilient to exposure to weather conditions, poor diet, exercise or skincare, a veritable cornucopia of pollution and chemicals, and depletion of hormones and especially collagen. Dr. Pnini will work with you to determine the best course of treatment, from surgery to skin repair, to make you look years, and even decades, younger.


No matter what the cause of physical trauma, there's no question that your body now is in need of assistance. Perhaps you need bones realigned or reset, your cheekbones or eye sockets repaired, a flesh wound sewn up, or nerve damage repaired. Dr. Pnini's initial training was on patients damaged by war, so he is an expert on both what and how to go about repairing these most difficult traumas, and also can truly sympathize with the pain and suffering you have already undergone.

Eyelid Surgery - Blepharoplasty

They say "the eyes are the windows to the soul," but perhaps lately your soul windows have been looking tired. Blepharoplasty is an extremely common facial surgery. It's performed to address the wrinkles that form around one of your most expressive features, or the fat pockets that can develop behind your eyelids (causing you to look like you have luggage, not just bags, under your eyes). You can have either your upper or lower eyelids done, or both, to combat the droop of your eyes as you age, and possibly to restore a wider field of vision if your sagging eyelids have impaired your ability to see in any way. In any eyelid surgery, Dr. Pnini will remove the excess skin, fat, and muscles around your eyes, giving you a tighter, more youthful appearance.

Facelift - Facial Rhytidectomy

These days, facelifts have come a long way, and a Facial Rhytidectomy no longer runs the risk of making your skin look too tight. In fact, it's very likely that your friends will have no idea you've "had work done" unless you tell them. They'll just think you look younger and more well-rested. A facelift can counteract those horrid marionette lines, the jowly bits that you always associated with your Uncle Marv, and the facial lines that just seemed to appear out of nowhere but now look a lot like a roadmap. You and Dr. Pnini will discuss whether a whole facelift or a more targeted approach is best for your face, and also whether you may want to combine a facelift with one or more other facial or non-surgical facial procedures.

Upper Lip Reduction

Thinking about Upper Lip Reductions may make you think of Mick Jagger or Angelina Jolie, but if you feel like your own lip is too bee-stung you may want to consider this simple surgery. Though the upper lip is most commonly the one to be reduced, lower lip or both lips can be done. Dr. Pnini's expertise means that your lip reduction will be performed properly, so that you can continue to use your lips fully and completely. Without complications, the surgery will have a minimum of scarring, and, though immediate swelling is expected, your results should be more than worth the inconvenience of a few days' recovery at home.

Brow Lift or Forehead Lift

Whether it's from deep thinking, stress, or even years of your famous "surprised look," you may find your forehead a little more wrinkly than you prefer, especially as you get older. So what does a Brow or Forehead lift do for your tired skin? It will undo years of sagging on your forehead, but also your eyebrows and even your upper eyelids. Of course, Dr. Pnini will ensure that your scar is hidden above your scalp line, which may be a very different procedure if you are a woman with a full head of hair or a man with a receding hairline. While this surgery is common, recovery time will be several days, so you'll need to arrange for some rest.

Chin Agumentation

Did you know that as you age, you can lose bone structure in your face? This means that if you started off with a less-stellar chin or cheekbones, you may not be happy with the way you look any longer. Or perhaps you had a weak chin to begin with, and you just feel like it doesn't fit your personality. Or you always longed to have the high cheekbones of a model. Whatever your reason for chin or cheek augmentation, Dr. Pnini can help make your dreams a reality, using a variety of state-of-the-art techniques that can help bring your face back into balance. You may want to combine a Chin or Cheek Augmentation with other Facial Rejuvenation or Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation, to get you to your optimal best.

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