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The page below will give you more details on each procedure; just click on that section to visit the Before & After Galley of photos from Dr. Pnini's happy clientele.

Breast Enlargement - Breast Enhancement

Perhaps the most common form of cosmetic surgery today, increasing the size or altering the shape of your breasts is an intensely personal decision. If you have small or irregular breasts, enlarging or enhancing the breasts can change your outlook on your body for the better. There are many possible areas for positioning an implant, such as submuscular (below the muscle) and subglandular (above the muscle). The insertion can be done through a cut at the transaxillary (under the armpit), inframammary (under the breast) and periareolar (around part of the areola). Dr. Pnini can give you his recommendation for the best type of surgery based on your body size and the shape of your breasts. Using either silicone or saline implants, you can recover in as little a few days to a few weeks, so long as there are no complications. Dr. Pnini can also perform surgical revision of breasts that had complications during a former breast enlargement surgery.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction, or Mammoplasty, is the exact opposite of Breast Enhancement surgery; in this case, we decrease your current breast size. If you have heavy, large, or excessively droopy breasts, you know that this can cause you extreme discomfort or pain as your back and related muscles try to compensate for the weight of your breasts. Certain exercises, such as jogging or calisthenics, may be impossible for you, and finding clothes that fit may be difficult, too. Breast reduction involves removing a portion of your breast tissue and then excising the extra skin that results, along with adjusting the areola and nipple to make sure it is in proper proportion to your new, perkier breasts.

Breast Lift - Mastoplexy

The loss of skin elasticity, genetics, and gravity can all play a part in the eventual sagging of your breasts. With women looking younger for much longer these days, you may want to consider whether a breast lift will be right for you. In a typical Mastopexy, Dr. Pnini will remove, or excise, the extra skin around your breasts and reshape and/or lift the breast tissue itself, both of which will cause your breasts to sit higher on your chest. You may wish to combine Mastopexy with implants. However, if you have always wanted a Breast Augmentation or Enlargement, this might just be the right time to have both done.

Axillary Breast Skin Excision

You may have a large amount of breast tissue concentrated in the axillary fold, or after a Breast Reduction or Breast Reconstruction it may also be necessary to have an Axillary Breast Skin and Breast Tissue Excision. In this case, we simply remove the excess skin. Dr. Pnini will strive to ensure that there is as little scarring as possible.

Breast Reconstruction

There are many reasons for Breast Reconstruction. For instance, 1 in 8 women and 1 out of every 1000 men will develop breast cancer in their lifetimes, and some will require a mastectomy of one or both breasts to stave off the disease. Also, breasts are rarely the same size and shape as each other. The asymmetry may be unnoticeable for some women, but for others, the difference can be a cup size or more. Other breast issues or deformities can include constricted, misshapen, or tubular breasts. Or you may have never developed breasts. All can be corrected under Dr. Pnini's excellent care. Whatever your personal situation, a Breast Reconstruction surgery might be the right solution for you. You will work closely with Dr. Pnini and his caring team to discuss your options and ensure that your new breasts are the perfect size and shape for your figure.

Breast Reduction - Gynecomastia

Though it's not talked about nearly as much as women's breast reduction, men are sometimes afflicted with larger-than-normal breasts. These breasts may contain glandular breast tissue, fat, or both. Men who have Gynecomastia may feel self-conscious or less masculine and may opt for a breast reduction. Male breast reduction involves removing a portion of your breast tissue and may also include excising any extra skin, and even, in some more severe cases, altering the areola or nipple.

Congenital Breast Deformity

Congenital Breast Deformity

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