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Skin Smoothing

Though Skin Smoothing isn't as effective as other forms of Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation on deeper lines, it's a great treament for larger planes of skin or to restore skin overall when it has sun damage, age spotting, acne scars, or fine lines. Skin Smoothing can include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, or dermaplaning.

Chemical Peel

Using a mild chemical brushed over the face or other area to be treated, Dr. Pnini's staff will carefully remove the layers of dead skin that hover over the surface of your face. Afterwards, your skin will look glowing and bright, which will last for several days, especially as your skin continues to shed dead layers. The results of a chemical peel can last for months, or permanently, depending on the cause being treated.


Dr. Pnini's staff will exfoliate your skin with a diamond wand then suction off the dead skin. Results will be smooth, glowing skin, which will last for up to several months.


Typically used for deeper wrinkles or scarring, Dr. Pnini will use a motorized diamond particle burr [OR wire brush], to scrape off the outermost layers of skin. Effective for targeted areas, Dr. P's expertise will ensure you have the safest skin removal that is still as deep as possible, resulting in less visible scarring or wrinkles.


This is an effective targeted skin treatment when there is a scar or wrinkle you're trying to hide. Light and shadow play a big part in our observation of our imperfections, so the idea behind dermaplaning is to level the playing field. Using a dermatome, a razor-like rotating blade, Dr. Pnini will shave down the surrounding layers of skin to the same level as your scar or wrinkle. This results in your minor defect "hiding in plain sight" and being much less noticeable.

Facial Mask

The Dead Sea Minerals Mask will soothe and delight your skin, refreshing, purifying, cleaning and toning while you relax and enjoy a nap. This peel-off mask enhances all skin types, and is also good for your skin if you have Seborrhea, Psoriasis, Eczema, or Dermatitis. Black Dead Sea Mud is famous for removing impurities and detoxifying your skin, and this mask is further balanced with Tea Tree and Lemon oils to lighten and enhance your complexion and revitalize your skin so that it is tighter, rebalanced, and glowing.



Our Procedures ?

Dr. Pnini specializes in all aspects of plastic surgery and state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery.
Dr. Pnini developed a special interest in the field of Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the armpits and successfully helped hundreds of patients from the USA and all around the world overcome excessive underarm sweating.




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When every penny counts dollar for dollar there is not a better option than Dr. Pnini. I only regret I did not do it sooner. -Marcus.
Dr. Pnini and his staff are among the greatest people I have met. From the moment I walked into the office they made me feel at home and they took the time to explain everything in easy to understand terms. -Keith


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